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Cheree’s Picks: 8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas as Special as She Is

Let’s hear it for the girls! We’re talking about the moms, wives, stepmothers, aunts, MILs, SILs, neighbors and girlfriends who guide us, inspire us and always tell us when we have spinach in our teeth.

Whether she gave you life or is a lifeline through all your ups and downs, Mother’s Day is the one day of the year we pause to show our mothers and mother figures how loved and valued they are. Considering they make the world go ‘round, it should probably be Mother’s Week, amirite?!

At Cheree Berry Paper & Design, we believe how you show love to the most important women in your life should be as unique and extraordinary as they are. But I know finding gifts that rise to the occasion can feel daunting, so I picked eight Mother’s Day gift ideas below I’d be glad to give or receive.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, our new show-stopping Personalized Stationery Collection has dozens of delightful design, color and size combinations for you to customize one-of-a-kind correspondence for your one-in-a-zillion mama. Or snag a set for yourself to compose Mother’s Day notes your leading ladies will cherish.

That’s not all, folks! I’m sharing the stationery style I think best complements each of my picks. And you don’t even have to worry about what to write. Putting your big feelings for such pivotal people into words can make even Nicholas Sparks choke up, so we crafted some clever and heartfelt sentiments for each gift below to get you going.

Wrap it all up with a bow and you have a present to make the mother figures in your life feel truly seen and appreciated. And if you ask us, that’s the greatest gift of all.

A Gift for the Mom Who’s Your #1 Hype Girl: Champagne Fridge and a Bottle of Bubbly

Featured Stationery: The Mindy
Coordinating Gift: Veuve Clicquot Rosé Fridge Gift Boxstarting at $95

When it’s time to celebrate life’s biggest – or smallest – moments, there’s no more enthusiastic cheerleader than her. She’ll be ready to pop bottles and make a toast at a moment’s notice with this darling champagne cooler, which comes stocked with a bottle of the good stuff.  


Pop, fizz, clink! Cheers to you! Happy Mother’s Day. 

A Gift for the Mom with the Bestest Boy or Goodest Girl: Custom Pet Portraits 

Featured Stationery: Favorite Things
Coordinating Gift: Ben Lenovitz Pet Portraits, from $250

Let’s face it, the family dog is really your parents’ dog. Give Mom a hand-painted portrait of her actual favorite child that captures every inch of their fuzzy face. Snuggles and silly nicknames sold separately.


Make no bones about it – you’re the very best. Happy Mother’s Day! 

A Gift for the Mom-arazzi: Photo Printing Subscription 

Featured Stationery: Church Street
Coordinating Gift: Mootsh Monthly Photo Printing Subscription, from $48

From the magical moments to the mundane, most mamas have thousands of pictures on their phones collecting digital dust and driving them batty! A real storage saver, this genius service helps her organize the chaos and create gorgeous keepsakes. She selects her 10 favorite pictures each month, then Mootsh sends them back on archival photo paper for gorgeous mementos she will cherish.


You are picture perfect! Happiest Mother’s Day – you always make me smile.

A Gift for the Mom You Turn to in a Pickle: A Cherry-Picked Pickleball Paddle

Featured Stationery: Chi Chi
Coordinating Gift: Recess Pickleball Paddle, from $86

Whether she’s a pickleball pro or doesn’t yet know what a “dink” is, having a chic pickleball paddle will make her the star of the cross court. While Recess offers dozens of darling designs, I think this limited-edition print is perfect for the woman who makes life a bowl of cherries.


There’s no one I’d rather turn to when I’m in a pickle! Happy Mother’s Day! 

A Gift for the Mom Who’s Always a Soft Place to Land: Scallop Bath Towels

Featured Stationery: The Spades
Coordinating Gift: Weezie Scallop Starter Pack, $348.50

After a tough day, there’s nothing like a big hug from Mama. Return the favor by giving her luxury bath towels that don’t skimp on style and do take her self-care to the next level. You can even have the towels embroidered with her monogram, initial or word to make a gift as unique as she is.


You are selfless, sweet and strong all wrapped up in one, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

A Gift for the Mom Who is No Shrinking Violet: Rainbow Glassware

Featured Stationery: Dolce Vita
Coordinating Gift: Estelle Colored Glass Wine Stemless Set of 6, $170

In a world of black and white, the Rolling Stones said it best: “She’s like a rainbow.” Her life motto is “More is more” and her aura color is “All of them.” Get this maximalist mama gorgeous handblown glassware to match her colorful personality.


You’re the pot of gold to my rainbow. I love you, Mom!

A Gift for the Mom Who is Good as Gold: Coin Pendant Necklace

Featured Stationery: Wild Things
Coordinating Gift: Jane Win Small Pendant, from $198

It’s hard to put into words what mothers mean to us. But with this selection of charms featuring 12 empowering terms to choose from – such as Joy, Strong and Love – she can wear a token of your appreciation and admiration. I love how these classic pendant coins fall just above her heart where she harnesses all her motherly magic.


Happy Mother’s Day to a 24-karat queen!

A Gift for the Mom Who Keeps You Grounded: Bouquet of Roses

Featured Stationery:  Low Country Love
Coordinating Gift: Grace Rose Farm California Grown Miyabi Rose Bouquet, $105

Make sure everything’s coming up roses for mom. Fresh flowers fill hearts with happiness as well as they fill spaces with their lovely fragrance. As a bonus, these beautiful blooms are available for next-day delivery, making this stunner of an ombre assortment an ideal gift in a pinch. No last-minute present panic here!


Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for helping me grow into the person I am today.

Finally, the Mother of all Mother’s Day Gifts: Quality Time with You!

There’s no doubt connection with you is the gift at the top of her list this year. Whether it’s a whirlwind FaceTime with grandkids clamoring for their turn with the phone or a long, leisurely lunch filled with laughter and love, connection is the gift that keeps on giving.

Maybe that’s why we love paper so much; it’s a place to pause and pour out your heart in pen and ink. And there’s none more deserving of our heartfelt gratitude and connection than the incredible women we couldn’t live without.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

xo, Cheree