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Forest Park Forever

forest park forever hat luncheon

Project Overview

Since 2014, Forest Park Forever has relied on us to craft the visual identity of its much-anticipated Annual Hat Luncheon, its single largest fundraiser of the year. Given the recurring theme—hats—Forest Park Forever challenges us to completely recreate the design each year. With unique formats and elegant printing methods, we give guests keepsakes that capture the essence of the event and this iconic St. Louis landmark. 


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Poster-Perfect Presentation

For the 2019 Hat Luncheon, we thought BIG and produced an invitation that arrived in an oversized envelope and unfolded into a full-sized, vintage-inspired poster. The vibrant retro graphic, showing chic attendees approaching the World’s Fair Pavilion, gestured to the grandeur and history of the park and the event… and fit perfectly in a frame afterward. 

illustrated luncheon invitation


Hand-drawn illustrations hit the 2017 Hat Luncheon design out of the park! In order to depict both Forest Park’s storied history and its flourishing present, we filled the front of the lush green invitation with buildings dating back the 1904 World’s Fair and familiar outdoor scenes. An assortment of hats from ball caps to boaters accessorized the reply card to emphasize the theme.

forest park forever illustrations

A Millinery Masterpiece

The 2016 custom-illustrated invitation, tucked into an oval die-cut pocket, resembled a cameo and donned various hat styles in silhouette form. This whimsical collection of caps emphasized the creativity and ingenuity organizers hoped to see atop attendees’ heads, while the turn-of the-century touches evoked elegance and honored the park’s rich heritage.

victorian silhouettes invitation
pull out pocket invitation

Landmark Lookbook

In 2014, we melded attire and architecture. The invitation “look book” featured hand-drawn hat designs inspired by some of Forest Park’s most spectacular sights – the Bandstand, the Jewel Box and the Grand Basin. A pastel color palette, vellum paper and floral pattern added a light and airy aesthetic, perfect for a refined afternoon affair at the park.

look book invitation
luncheon invitation booklet
invitation booklet spreads
invitation booklet rsvp
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