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Famous Couples’ Wedding Invitation Challenge: Pretty in Pink’s Andie Walsh and Duckie Dale

In early January, after coming back from a wild and crazy holiday card season, we turned our focus to Weddings. So, I tasked the CBP Designers to dream up an invite for two people (real or fictitious) who they’d like to see get married or remarried. Think Kermit & Miss Piggy, Phil & Clare Dunphy, George & Martha Washington. We each created moodboards, started with sketches, and designed our way to what we considered to be the perfect stationery solution for our famous couples. To kick things off, here’s Pretty in Pink!


Why I chose this couple? I was too young to see this movie when it first came out but based on the condition of my Pretty in Pink VHS, I made up for any lost time in the theatre. I loved this movie. Director John Hughes was the master of portraying the emotions and anxieties in teenagers especially in different social classes. I loved Andie’s horribly fascinating (or fascinatingly horrible?) fashion sense, Duckie’s too! So did I want to see them together because of their matching wardrobe styles? No. I just think Andie would have a hard time remaining compatible with Blane forever. He’s not strong enough for her. Andie would go on to start her own Betsy Johnson-esque fashion empire and I don’t think Blane would be able to handle that path.

Some words to describe my custom stationery suite for Andie and Duckie would be: DIY, glitter meets granny and pink/pink/pink/pink/pink, more is more!

Describe the suite in a little detail: The invite has a confetti encrusted border with spots of pearls. The reply card is folded in the “note passing” style of the 80s. I used a label maker to highlight certain words in the suite. As a nod to the couple’s officiant, John Hughes, the attire card is listed as “Pink Hughes and Dancing Shoes.” The inner envelope is made of glassine with a sequin scalloped border and cameo closer. The stamp on the outer envelope is a $2 duck stamp in honor of Duckie.

Wedding party mentions: John Hughes as the officiant, Iona as Maid of Honor.

If the client could give me a testimonial, I think the couple would say: “CBP really got the vibe we were going for. We feel like our suite will never go out of fashion. May we admire it again today and tomorrow and in ten years.”

Yours truly,

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