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Cheree’s Picks: 8 Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

What would we do, where would we be, how much hair would we have left on our heads without our teachers?! As a mother of three and the daughter of an educator extraordinaire, I’ve seen firsthand the heart, soul and red ink that goes into every lesson plan. At a time when our teachers are underpaid, undervalued and underestimated, we should be going above and beyond to show our appreciation for their unfailing dedication.

At Cheree Berry Paper & Design, we truly believe it’s the thought that counts, but let’s make those thoughts a little more intentional. My eight ideas for unique teacher gifts are guaranteed to make the grade – and are all under $40!

Plus, I’m handing out a stationery cheat sheet. Words often fall short of the gratitude we feel, particularly at the end of the school year when our minds have already gone on summer vacation. But the teacher appreciation equation just isn’t complete without a handwritten shoutout from the students.

No need to struggle over something to say. For each of my picks, I’m providing the write way to say “thank you.” Just snag our Teacher Notes boxed set and have your kiddos pencil in our messaging verbatim if brains are blanking. Put it all together and you’ll level up your teacher appreciation gifting game from the run-of-the-mill Starbucks gift card, monogrammed mug and box of chocolates.

Cheree Berry Paper & Design Teacher Notes shown in backpack-shaped holder

A Gift for the Teachers Who’ve Had Their Hands Full: Personalized Boat and Tote Bag

L.L. Bean tote bag embroidered with "I before e" in front of Cheree Berry Paper & Design Teacher Note

L.L. Bean Tote Bag
Starting at $38, including monogramming

Teachers shoulder a lot of weight – piles of papers to grade, stores of school supplies, the brunt of adolescent attitude. But they shouldn’t have to carry all this on their own. Help them take a load off with an embroidered canvas tote bag. My favorite is the L.L. Bean Boat & Tote, but Lands’ End also offers a great version.

For your custom quip, take inspiration from an alphabetic pneumonic – “i before e” for example. Or quote a Kardashian – “abcdefg” – for a pop culture enthusiast educator. For more tongue-in-cheek turns of phrase, look to Gracie Weiner and her Ironic Boat and Tote account as your muse.

Suggested Card Inscription

Teachers are totes awesome! Thank you, Ms. Honey

A Gift for the Teachers Who Are Great Role Models: Barbie® Teacher Doll

teacher barbie with included accessories and Cheree Berry Paper Teacher Note

Mattel Barbie® Teacher Doll 

Life’s scholastic, it’s fantastic! For the standup teacher figure in your life, toy with the idea of gifting the Mattel Barbie® Teacher Doll. A nostalgic nod to career educators, this out-of-the-box idea is everything. And with Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated Barbie hitting movie screens this summer, you’re sure to have a smash success on your hands. 

Attn: Mattel – time to commemorate the men in education with a Teacher Ken! 

Suggested Card Inscription

You’re everything! Thanks for teaching me that I can be anything! 

A Gift for the Teachers Who are Tired of Apples: Orange Ceramic Planter/Pencil Holder orange-shaped ceramic pencil holder with Cheree Berry Paper & Design Teacher Note

Orange Ceramic Planter and Pencil Holder 

Teachers have received apples as tokens of appreciation since the log cabin classroom days. But why limit ourselves to one kind of produce when acknowledging the fruits of their labor?! Zest up your end-of-year gift with’s Orange Ceramic Planter and Pencil Holder. Not only is it non-perishable, it’s also multi-purpose! 

Suggested Card Inscription

Orange you glad it’s summer? Thanks for a great year! PS When the flowers die, store your pens in here. 

A Gift for the Teachers Who Are a Class Act: Note of Many Colors Stationery Set + Tomie de Paola Stamps 

Cheree Berry Paper & Design Teacher Note with Notes of Many Colors and a sheet of USPS Tomie dePaola stamps

Note of Many Colors 

Tomie dePaola stamps 

Being with kids 40 hours a week, 36 weeks of the year is enough to make anyone go postal! As a kudos for keeping their composure in the face of all the (testy) moods and ‘tudes, give your teacher a set of Cheree Berry Paper & Design’s Note of Many Colors and a sheet of Tomie dePaola stamps. Putting all those pent-up emotions down on paper can be cathartic. 

Suggested Card Inscription 

You were the just-WRITE teacher for me. Thank you!  

A Gift for the Teachers Who Withstand a Lot of Hot Air: Bladeless Neck Fan 

Cheree Berry Paper & Design Teacher Note and bladeless neck fan

Bladeless Neck Fan

When it comes to school politics, things can get heated. And teachers often get stuck in the path of these high-pressure systems. Help them weather the firestorm and warm temps to come with this easy breezy Bladeless Fan from Maisonette.  

Suggested Card Inscription 

School’s out for summer!! Stay cool Ms. Smith!  

A Gift for the Teachers Who Are Written In Our Hearts: Lessons Learned and Cherished: The Teacher Who Changed My Life by Deborah Roberts 

Cheree Berry Paper & Design Teacher Note with Lessons Learned and Cherished by Deborah Roberts

Lessons Learned and Cherished: The Teacher Who Changed My Life 

We all have that one teacher who made a lasting impact on our lives (I’m lookin’ at you, Ms. Bouchard and Ms. Sharon!). If you can’t find the words to express how much that teacher has meant to you, let Deborah Roberts’ new book Lessons Learned and Cherished: The Teacher Who Changed My Life speak for you. Filled with sincere reflections from some familar faces, including our friend and former teacher herself Jenna Bush Hager, this collection is a testament to the power of teachers. 

Suggested Card Inscription 

Congrats on turning the page on another great school year! My story would not be the same without you! 

A Gift for the Teachers Who’re Feeling Drained: Wireless Charging Pad

Cheree Berry Paper & Design Teacher Note with wireless charging pad

Back Me Up! Wireless Charging Pad

Whose batteries aren’t on power-saving survival mode by the end of the school year? Thank the educators who’ve been plugged in all year long with’s Back Me Up! Wireless Charging Pad. No one deserves to take a break more than teachers.

Suggested Card Inscription 

Thanks for an electric school year! Time to relax, recharge and reset! 

A Gift for the Teachers Who Stick Up for You: Popsicle Molds 

Cheree Berry Paper & Design Teacher Note and popsicle maker

Tovolo Popsicle Molds

Know a teacher who’s one of your little’s loudest cheerleaders and greatest advocates? Give them props with a gift that really pops. These Tovolo Popsicle Molds are such a  sweet gesture – hearts will melt! And if a teacher needs something a bit stronger than juice after a long school year, a tray of boozy pop-tails may do the trick. 

Suggested Card Inscription

I was so lucky to have a chill teacher like you! Have a nice summer! 

Pop Quiz: What’s the Key to a Unique Teacher Gift? 

Let’s review! What’s the key to a unique teacher gift?   

A. An original gift idea
B. CBP’s Teacher Notes Boxed Set
C. A handwritten, personalized message
D. All of the above

The answer is D, all of the above! 

The end of the school year always manages to sneak up like a pop quiz you’re completely unprepared for. If you’re anything like me, you’re already preoccupied with the upcoming summer months. Yes, I have a carpool scheduling spreadsheet and yes, I’m going cross-eyed looking at it. Feel free to call me Chauffeur Cheree until August.  

But even though we’re short time and low on fuel, teachers shouldn’t be an afterthought. 

If you’re feeling stumped, don’t stress. I’ve done all the homework so that you can ace your teacher appreciation presentation. Pairing any one of my eight picks with a handwritten note turns this brain teaser into a crowd pleaser without fail! 

Happy shopping!  

xo, Cheree