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Top Things Our Destination Wedding Clients Say!

The design! The timeline! There’s a lot to consider when creating a save the date and invitation for your destination wedding. We’re here with answers!

maryland crab wedding invite

“I don’t want our save the date and invitation for our beach wedding to look too beach-y.”

We’re always glad when our clients say this, because we feel the same way! Leave the classic look of ocean waves cresting on the sand to websites for beach resorts! Our goal is to not totally ignore your setting—it is important after all!—but your paper should look and feel like the two of you. It should tell your story with your personalities shining through. Going this route will make your paper timeless, so that 10 years from now, you’ll look at it and say, “That’s so us.”

destination wedding seashore invitation

“But I do want the invite to feel like the destination.”

Exactly! And this is where it gets tricky. Your save the date and invitation should feel like the two of you, but it should also instantly communicate to guests that you’re tying the knot somewhere far away and you want them to join! Custom icons can accomplish this. So can using materials that capture the essence of your location. Inspo ideas:

Choose linen for your envelope liner and put a rough (deckled) edge around the card for a “Come to our casual beach wedding” vibe.

Incorporate wax seals and engraved printing to announce, “We’re getting married at a castle in Europe.”

Use wooden veneer materials for a “We’re getting hitched in the mountains in Aspen” feeling.

Italy Wedding Invitation

“I want guests to have plenty of time to book travel.”

For destination weddings, the standard timeline for sending out save the dates is eight to 12 months, with 10 months being the sweet spot. But do keep the calendar year in mind. For instance, if you’re getting married in November 2022, you’re better off avoiding the Christmas card mail rush and sending your save the dates at the beginning of the shiny new year.

butterfly invite

“I have no idea what I might want the creative to be when my save the dates need to mail.” 

Don’t rush it! We believe in a creative build and that you shouldn’t reveal all of your assets in the beginning. This way your designs keep delighting guests! And you won’t get tired of what you chose either. If you think of the save the date as its own stand-alone announcement, the pressure comes off and you can have more fun with it. Our happiest clients go this route!

illustrated save the dates

“But we haven’t settled on all the events for the weekend.”

That’s okay! For destination weddings, you’ll probably want to give updates by (gasp!) digital communication. Our clients like to extend the life of their wedding graphics by sharing them on their wedding website and on electronic invites for other wedding events, such as a shower.

And do keep the wording crystal clear on your save the date.  People need to know all of the details to start arranging their travel. Besides date and location,  accommodation info should go on your save the date. Most of our clients place a block of rooms on hold at two places they’ve researched and like, with the main difference being that one is lower in price. It’s nice to give the people you love options!

Happy wedding planning!