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To Die For! Why We Love Die-Cuts

The possibilities are endless with die-cutting! Die-cutting is a complex paper production process that allows us to create unique and detailed shapes using metal “dies” that are specially created for each design. We work with the best die-cutting vendors in the industry who take our design ideas and bring them to life. Sometimes it’s a simple shape that serves as an insert piece to an invitation set, and other times it’s a complex format invitation that unfolds to reveal a new shape and more information.

We love incorporating die-cuts because they add an element of surprise and interest to any invitation suite. How fun is it to find a paper macaron in an invitation! Food is a favorite – we have created everything from cannolis to pizza slices to watermelons – but our library of die-cuts spans all types of categories and occasions. Here are some of our most recent die-cuts:

Swimmer Straws:
Die-cuts are versatile! Not just for tucking into an envelope alongside an invitation, die-cuts can be applied to straws for a super fun party detail. We attached these small, diving swimmers to brightly colored striped straws for a stylish Palm Springs wedding, where they had actual synchronized swimmers as cocktail party entertainment!

RSVP Arrow:
Reply cards tend to take a backseat to the invitation, but they deserve to be die-cut too! This neon RSVP card for a custom bat mitzvah was an arrow shape reminiscent of a marquee sign, and it paired perfectly with a bigger invitation that had arrow die-cut windows.

Lunch Box Notes:
For our playful partnership with Maisonette, an online luxury children’s marketplace, we created lunch box notes, which were small di- cut cards in the shapes of bumble bees, pencils, speech bubbles, lips, soup cans, and bowls of soup. They are perfect for parents to write sweet notes to stick in kids’ lunch boxes for a little hello from home during the day away.

Personalized Stationery:
We love to die-cut personalized stationery, too. It can take a design from great to WOW! Die-cutting the card into a shape or giving it a decorative edge can easily elevate a simple flat printed card. For a sweeter style, we like to give the card a scalloped shape like our Gallop for Scallops design. For a more playful style, one of our favorite designs is Dino-Bite. It has a big, ferocious bite taken out of the corner. Chomp!

This piece may not immediately stand out as a die-cut, but the corners are actually notched in like a true perforated raffle ticket. Even more fun about this piece, it unfolds to a string of many connected tickets! It was part of a fun custom wedding design with a movie theatre theme party.

Scratch-Off Heart:
It looks like a simple heart, but the material is actually a foil overlay over laminated paper, so it acts as a scratch-off to reveal a message underneath the gold. Used for a custom interactive pregnancy announcement, these hearts were die-cut then adhered to a card. The hidden message revealed that the exciting news that the couple was expecting!

Bienvenidos Flower:
Although die-cuts are most often used for insert pieces in an invitation set, this die-cut piece was actually the invitation! For a destination wedding in Mexico, we designed a custom welcome party invitation in the eye-catching shape of a mosaic flower.

Part of a boxed set of greeting cards in which each card is a different die-cut, this airplane tows a banner that unfolds to reveal a message that you fill in. We also have the same concept for a birthday theme – think cake, presents, and our favorite, a piñata!

The skinny handles on this tiny trophy make this piece extra fun to hold for a photo! To further achieve the shiny gold trophy concept, we used metallic paper and foil stamping. This trophy was an insert piece in a custom party invitation set.

We hope you learned a little bit about die-cuts and see why we love them so! We’d love to hear what your favorite die-cut is – let us know in our last Instagram post!