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This is Taylor

This is Taylor, Senior Designer

Her desk is one to discover. There’s almost always a watercolor drying and paint brushes aplenty. And a snack to suit the moment. This is a popular one right now – she’s wondering what to do with all those little glass jars.

Here are a few things she found in her desk, tools of the trade and some stuff for really any day.
Paint supplies, just add water!
Books, find four here, but there’s more for sure.
The cutest tiny fruit erasers, no mistake, these are just for fun.
A few animal moments.
Enamel lips, for her hair, silly.
Pens, there’s more where those came from!
A petite pyramid, it’s no wonder.
A bling-y calculator thingy, making math more fun.

Taylor has a BFA in art and design from the University of Michigan but she had a career start at a gallery. And although this is out of order, she also studied at Parsons Paris and Central Saint Martins in London.  And before all that, as a child she and her mom went a bit wild painting, drawing, sewing and knitting, so art is fitting!

Much of her work is done by hand, but she’s also a master behind the keyboard, known unofficially in the office as Internet historian which explains her special talent of googling – her mood boards are fabulous.

Also fabulous is her book collection. For the Designer Meeting Show and Tell sessions, she is never without a new (or old!) book to share. A few favorites here: Le Big Manual by Sopie Glasser, This Is Not a Book by Jean Jullien and The Posters of Picasso.

And it would be remiss not to talk about her love of animals, she not only has a few at home, but she’s planning to have a petting zoo at her wedding reception. Did we mention she’s getting married?! There’s a big trend to include your pet as part of your wedding invitation set so she’s all over that! She might also be influenced by her favorite place in the whole world, that being her grandparents’ farm (aka: her wedding venue) or perhaps it was the pen pal she had as a child, a dog that used to send postcards from his travels.