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This is Mary

THIS IS MARY, CBP’s Associate Creative Director

She’s who we turn to for dimensional projects with complex construction. She loves spatial thinking, in fact in college (Washington University in St. Louis) she started out as a math major. She was going to be an architect, but later found graphic design as a better fit –we feel fortunate that she made the switch.

Here’s a few things she found in her desk, tools of the trade and some stuff for really any day:
A French press because she’s not a morning person.
A ruler (always) to be exacting.
An X-ACTO knife to cut precisely.
A loop to look closely.
Ink cartridges for calligraphy.
A stylus for lovely lettering.
Go-to lipstick, client’s coming!
Double stick tape, mock-up time.
Gum, she might go through a pack a day.
Tea, again for caffeine.

A few more facts about Mary:
Her favorite place in the whole world is Door County, Wisconsin, where she spends countless summers visiting her grandparents. She describes it as a nostalgic place with a Swedish/Nordic/small town feel where she and her sisters loved to swim, skip stones, build sand castles and eat ice cream when they were little.

She’s a super fan of Star Wars, so no surprise that her birthday falls on May 4th. May the Fourth Be with You, right? Not making this up!

She has been mistaken for actress Rachel McAdams twice (she doesn’t see the resemblance), and although she hasn’t starred in any films (yet), she does speak easily in front of many. Mary also was an a capella singer back in college, so maybe one day she’ll be part of a Pitch Perfect sequel?

She admits she’s not a morning person, but she never shows it, always with a smile, a bright and big one. But most of us admire her focus. She’s not easily distracted, so that explains her special talent of parallel parking. Or is that connected to her love of math thus her spatial specialty?

PS Her Favorite Candy: M&M’s