The Berry House

Planning life’s most delightful moments!

This is Carmi


Pen in hand before she could barely stand. She’s been drawing since age one and can’t sit through a meeting without doodling. Around the office she’s known for her handwriting. She’s always up for custom-lettered designs on envelopes, menus, place cards, almost anything, it’s her thing.

In her space, on her desk, most days you’ll find:
Post-its, pens and Pantone chips. What more does a girl need?
As well as:
A rather airy plant, she’s keen on green.
A hair tie to pull back her locks, change her look.
A chocolate bar, for her daily dose.
Clips to keep her projects in order.
And a little something for her lips!’

And I’d be remiss if sugar wasn’t discussed. Carmi has the biggest sweet tooth, loves any and all candy. By the way, her dad’s a dentist, don’t all dentist’s kids love sweets? Collectively, we all agree that she makes and decorates the best cookies, combining baking and design skills into perfectly iced confections.

And to the business of her background. Carmi studied at WASHU and has a BA in Communications Design. She loves a good crossword puzzle, gin cocktails, fast food ice cream cones, and weekends with her family. And for exercise, she’s an avid distance runner (a Boston Marathon qualifier!) and counts Forest Park as her favorite place in St. Lou! There you have it, Carmi, that’s who!