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The Write Words


We’ve all bought an all-occasion boxed set of notecards where we’ve only use 60% of the notecards. I write a lot of notes, but the I’m Sorry card would always go unused. So, for the Write Words, I thought about the occasions in which people engage in written communication. And additionally, I wanted to give suggestions and templates on how to write a note. You become a more frequent writer with more practice. I write notes for a multitude of reasons… for thanks, thinking of you, just for you, congratulations, and for so many other moments and occasions.

With that in mind we brainstormed copy ideas. We came up with eight different messages. Design concepts followed to include a mix of type sizes, fonts, embellishments and beyond. Our “CBP Signature” design elements are incorporated, of course. Gold foil, pretty patterned envelopes, and a punchy color palette consisting of pink, navy, red, mint and chartreuse.

We took it one step further and created a Note Writing 101 Etiquette Guide. I don’t want to give it all away here, but you’ll find tips on how to write a thank you note as shown in a diagram and a few etiquette cues, too! A total of 16 tent-folded notecards, two of each design with 17 envelopes.

We worked with our paper partner Galison, a private label and licensing company, to print and produce the final product. Now, The Write Words can be found on their site and our’s, our CBP brick and mortar, Amazon and beyond!

Promote the note! We hope The Write Words is the perfect gift solution for the snail mail lover in your life, or that it finds a home in your stationery drawer, if you’re a #PaperPerson (just like us). Write on!