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Nursery Accessories as Baby Announcement Inspiration

Nursery design is so sweet! The options are endless. Inspiration can come from so many places –  a book, a toy, travel, a season, art, colors, fabric or a family heirloom. We love to see your baby’s room interiors to use as a source of inspiration for the birth announcements.

See some of our past projects:


It doesn’t get much prettier than this nursery, and it helps that this mom is a professional interior designer. We were inspired by the periwinkle and bright orange color palette, as well as the butterfly print on the wall. The oversized script name on the birth announcement mimicked the graphic nature of the wallpaper. As for the grapefruit print liner, mom ate grapefruits every day during her pregnancy!



The “envelope within an envelope” birth announcement is like opening a mini package. The first envelope was inspired by the nursery curtains. The remaining envelopes were made of solid bright colors that revealed the story of baby including her nickname and birth details. Gold ladybugs and bumblebees were used to represent this June birthday bug.



One baby, two shower invitations, both borrowed from the nursery design. The nursery colors were aqua, orange and yellow, described as happy coastal colors for either a boy or girl, no reveal until she was actually here! In addition to the bright, but muted palette was the coolest crib, that’s where the pattern came in. A favorite detail on the shower invite? And a fun tie-in for a shower in New York and the initial A from mom’s last name, so little A in the big A (apple).



We were inspired by this baby’s awesome nursery mural! Teddy, a NYC newborn, had a birth announcement that visually represented her hometown. The stork was carrying the stamp on the outer envelope and a little circular photo of Teddy was tied to the “y” in gold thread.

Other ways for us to be inspired? The design theme can also come from the baby’s name. For example, Baby Sol = a sun graphic; Baby Elle = elephant! And then there was Knox, his name rhymed with so many things like blocks, clocks, socks, fox, we just had to add them to the announcement, in tiny form of course.

Pre-planning your custom birth announcements prior to baby’s arrival is ideal and will allow you to immediately share the joyful news. Let’s face it, when baby arrives you’re sleep deprived – Let us do the work!

See more of our custom baby designs and information here! We’d love to design your next baby announcement, shower invitation, or personalized stationery!