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Favorite Back to School ToolsFrom the CBP Design Team

The start of the school year takes ALL of us back to the days of our early education. And the school supplies!!!! Trapper Keepers, novelty tin lunch boxes, Lisa Frank everything!
Or as the modern day mom is experiencing, a more disciplined list. At our most recent CBP design meeting, we all shared our can’t-live-without school supplies for kids of all ages. See our BTS gift guide below!

Embosser | Snack Champ Bag | Midori D-Clip Chihuahua | Fruit Erasers (similar) | Mini Composition Notebook (similar) | Large Paperclips | Gold Ruler (similar) | Oops Eraser | Pencils | Gold Paper Clips | Gold Binder Clips | Stripe Pencils | Crayons