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Famous Couples’ Wedding Invitation Challenge: Psych’s Juliet O’Hara and Shawn Spencer

Why I chose this couple? I love the television show Psych. I’ve watched every episode of all eight seasons multiple times. And with Psych: The Movie premiering this past December where Shawn and Juliet finally tie the knot, I thought the timing was perfect for a Psych wedding invitation! A PscyhOs dream (as we fans affectionately call ourselves).

Some words to describe my custom stationery suite for Juliet and Shawn would be: Light-hearted, whimsical with lots of references to show favorites.

Describe the suite in a little detail: A pineapple appears in some way, shape or form in every episode, so the main invitation piece had to be a die-cut pineapple silhouette. The bright green envelopes and the suite’s green typewriter-esque typography were inspired by the Psych office window graphics and the show’s intro typography. The gold on gold invite front and other gold pineapples sprinkled throughout the set add a layer of sparkle for the happy occasion. The Blueberry (as Gus’ car is called) is pulling a Pluto stamp (referencing Gus’ classic pick-up line) on the reply envelope. And last but not least – all the fun copy moments! “Wait for iiiiit” (one of Shawn’s catch phrases) on the invite front sets the stage for the invitation copy on the reverse. The accepts and regrets language on the RSVP card also includes beloved quotes from the show (“C’mon, son!” and “Suck it!”). And the meal choices had to be Jerk Chicken and Quatro Quesos Dos Fritos (running gags on the show) along with the Pineapple Upside Down Cake (cooked by a 60-watt bulb) from Season 2, Episode 3 Psy vs. Psy.

My biggest challenge: Reigning in all the hilarious aspects of the show into a set that still felt like it was for a wedding.

Wedding party mentions: Burton Guster as best man, Chief Vick as matron of honor, and Woodrow Strode as the officiant.

If the client could give me a testimonial, I think the couple would say: “The Cheree Berry Paper Team did an amazing job! Clearly the extra T is for extra Talent.”

You know that’s right,
Associate Creative Director