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Famous Couples’ Wedding Invitation Challenge: Cleopatra’s Cleopatra and Mark Antony


Why I chose this couple? I’ve watched this three-hour movie many times. I love the retro vibe. It’s sort of tacky-spectacular. There is so much to pull from with the lavish costumes and scenery which are a mash up of 1960s Hollywood and 40s BC. I also love the palette of gold on gold, muted green, rich red and pops of lavender purple.


Some words to describe my custom stationery suite: Rome meets Egypt meets 1960s Hollywood, gold everything, lush greenery, over the top reveal, leopard


Describe the suite in a little detail: I wanted to capture the power of the film and the serious sparkle, so I used a gold medallion on purple with a red belly band along with die cut greenery that opens to reveal the invite copy.


My biggest challenge: I wanted to add more and more layers!


Detail callouts: Find the hidden asp snakes, golden grasshoppers, monogram asp medallion, the Egyptian calendar hieroglyphs.


Wedding party mentions: A full parade of dancers, men on horseback, Cleopatra presented on a giant spinning statue, cheering crowds, no family present (she had her sister executed) except their twins Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene II.


If the client could give me a testimonial, I think the couple would say: “We wanted something that conveyed the grandeur of the evening … which it does … but maybe she could have used more gold,” Cleopatra.


The eyes have it,
Senior Designer