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Cheree’s Back to School Wish List

Back to school season has always felt more invigorating to me than January 1 when it comes to recharging and refreshing! Maybe because its not so cold outside and the weather is beautiful? Or maybe its because the focus is more on school and work than on hitting the gym and drinking less wine? Whatever the reason, its my favorite season and it totally gets me in the shopping mood. Wanna see? Scroll down!

What I’m wishing for!

Im on the “notify me” when this Clare V phone case is back in stock. I love Clare V stripes (see my office wallpaper below) and this just feels like a “boss lady” phone cover for fall!

These big, bold paper desk pads make paper uber functional 365 days of the year!

I love playful jewelry and these primary color bracelets have such a “back to school cool” feel for grown-ups that I love. Ill wear them with my Love is Project bracelet that I love so much.

cheree banner

What I’m getting for my kids!

Of course, here at CBP back to school means stocking our store with our classic school flags for kids to pose with for their back to school pics. Weve also got a new set of our popular lunch cards for their lunch boxes to let them know you believe in them!

And wait, we have more options for your back to school photos. If you want options that work for the first and last day of school come spring, check out our pencil and notebook!


For all the fun accessories, I stock up at Flying Tiger during one of my many business trips to NYC. I’m obsessed with it all!

Now that my kids are school age, I need more practical items such as these pencil grips. Learning to write is hard, especially in our screen time age, so I find these help my kids get in the habit of using the all-important pincer grasp when holding a pencil.

My 10-year-old niece discovered this reusable straw and I think it’s a super-score. Go Ellie! Kids can keep it on their backpack and the way it looks like an air pod case is so clever.

New caddies for markers, crayons and pencils?! Yes, please! Back to school is when walking into a Staples gives me excited butterflies in my stomach. True story!

And what backpacks made the list for the 2019/2020 school season? Rockets of Awesome Pastel Rainbow for Biz and Pottery Barn skateboard Camo for Harry (but of course Ninjago themed lunch box!)

What our office needs!

I can think of a lot more expensive things to collect, but not sure any would be as much fun as pencil deliveries. Love the big blue one!

I just purchased this cool door mat and put it outside our shop. CBP loves products with voice!

I mean, can we even call ourselves coffee drinkers if we don’t have these mugs yet!


Good luck getting back at it! I hope you all have a dynamite school year.